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Welcome to the Barcelona International

Documents Needed for Check-In

During team check-in, the team TOURNAMENT ROSTER will need to be confirmed, and PLAYER CARDS for each player on the roster must be provided. When you have all of your documents ready, you can complete online check-in.


    • Identify all of the players that will be participating in this event, including guest players. The name, date of birth, and jersey numbers will be required for ALL players.


    • STYSA, USSSA, US Youth Soccer player cards and US Club Soccer player passes are accepted.

    • The player cards do not have to be uploaded individually; you can scan/photograph your player cards as a group, if you prefer.

    • We do require that a team coach or team manager of all teams have the player cards readily available at each game, should they be needed.


    • You will need to confirm that a team coach or team manager in attendance at each game will have copies of signed medical releases in their possession for all players listed on the team roster.

    • Blank medical release forms can be downloaded here.

    • You DO NOT need to provide copies of the player medical release forms.


    • All required documents must be uploaded before the deadline (see check-in e-mail).

    • When you submit your online check-in you will receive a confirmation email. This email will include a LINK that you can use to make changes to your submitted information, up until check-in closes.

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