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Documents Needed for Check-In

Scanned images or photos of your TOURNAMENT ROSTER, PLAYER CARDS, and PLAYER MEDICAL RELEASES must be submitted during online team check-in:


    • STYSA, USSSA, GotSoccer generated, US Youth Soccer and US Club Soccer rosters are all accepted.

    • Identify all of the players that will be participating in this event, including guest players.

    • You may make changes to this list if necessary right up until the event, although you will need to provide all of the necessary paperwork for the original list prior to the deadline.


    • Scan or take a photo of each player's medical release form.

    • Blank medical release forms can be downloaded here.

    • We do require the primary contact of all teams to have the player medical release forms readily available at each game, should they be needed.


    • STYSA, USSSA, US Youth Soccer player cards and US Club Soccer player passes are accepted.

    • The player cards do not have to be shown individually; you can scan/photograph as a group your player cards front & back.

    • We do require the primary contact of all teams to have the player cards readily available at each game, should they be needed.

Check-In: GotSoccer Upload

When you have all of your documents ready, you can complete online check-in.  Your team GotSoccer account will be used to upload the documents needed. The procedure to complete check-in is as follows:   

  1. Login to your TEAM GotSoccer account

  2. From the menu, select OVERVIEW

  3. Select the tournament you wish to check-in for from the list of events listed for your team.

  4. This will open a page for the event - select the DOCUMENTS tab on this page

  5. On this page you can name and upload documents. Please upload the following separate documents:​





Detailed instructions for uploading documents in your GotSoccer account can be downloaded here:





All required documents must be uploaded before the deadline. If you need to make changes after the deadline (late changes to the roster, for example) you can do so. However, the initial submission must be completed before the deadline.

When online check-in is successfully completed, you will receive a confirmation email. Please print the confirmation email you receive as proof in case verification is needed.

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