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  • How will I know if my team has been accepted?
    Your registration fee will only be processed if you are accepted, and you will receive an e-mail confirming that you have been accepted and that your payment has been successfully processsed.
  • Can I register my team to play up in an older age group?
    Yes - during registration you may select an older age group than the current age group of your team. Please note that you may be contacted by the tournament organizers to confirm that the selection was intentional and not a mistake.
  • I just missed the registration deadline, but my team wants to play, what should I do?"
    You can still register for the tournament, but all teams that register after the deadline will be wait-listed. If there is a suitable opening in a bracket, a wait-listed team will be accepted (after processing the registration fee). A wait-listed team may be contacted to see if they would accept playing in a different bracket, or in an older age group.
  • Are guest players required to have player cards?
    Yes. During online check-in you will need upload player cards and medical releases for all of your players, including guest players. If you have a guest player that needs a player card you should contact your club administrator, or registar, to confirm how you can apply for a tournamment card (how long it takes, how much it costs, documents needed, etc).
  • Can a player card from a previous seasonal soccer year be used for check-in (not currently valid)?
    No. Player cards must be valid at the time of the tournament, as any insurance provided by the soccer association that issued the card expires at the end of the seasonal year the card was issued.
  • I coach more than one team - how can I make sure that I do not have schedule conflicts?
    To minimize game conflicts, coaches with multiple teams should ensure that the name of the listed coach in GotSoccer is IDENTICAL for all of their teams. The tournament organizers will work to minimize coaching conflicts but may not be able to avoid all conflicts. Coaches assigned to a large number teams (3 or more), should consider contacting the tournament organizers to set priorities for their potential game conflicts.
  • When will the schedule for the tournament be issued?
    The schedule will be issued as soon as possible after registration has closed. Typically the schedule is published about 5 days before the tournament starts.

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